No “Idle Hands” here

As promised, I am posting some of my recent 2014 sessions. It has been much busier than usual, and this is a great thing, because you know that saying about “idle hands,” definitely not the direction I want to go in! The following are some of my sessions from earlier in the year. I haven’t shared most of these yet, even on my website, so you are the very first to see them. I love sharing my work with you and I love how receptive everyone has been. I truly love my work and I love that you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoy creating it.

This first selection of images is from a family shoot I did in January. It was a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift, which I thought was a fantastic idea. I am always saying how important I believe it is for families to have images of themselves together on display in their homes and for their loved ones to cherish. This was such a beautiful and timeless gift and the couple who received it really loved it.

collage (2)

I have had the wonderful privilege of photographing many little ones lately and I have loved every second of it. My “little” ones are not so little anymore and I can’t get enough of my clients beautiful babies. It is where I find the most joy in my work. These little ones were amazing and of course absolutely adorable. I feel so privileged to be able to capture a lot of baby’s firsts and of course, cute chubby fingers and toes and a little button nose…

collage collage for Italy-2

Lastly we have had several birthday celebrations lately. All our boys celebrated their birthdays recently as did my god-daughter. She had such a fun birthday and it was at a fantastic location: 4Cats Arts Studio in Caledon. Their website is and they are on Facebook here If you have the ability to visit I highly recommend it. The kids had a blast and I was so amazed at how creative they were, and naturally so.  The studio offers art classes for big people too and I am hoping to sign up soon for a class on my own. The best part is you don’t even need to know how to paint: They teach you! Oh and I should mention, it is a great way to spend time with your older kids also. If you are stuck on what you can do together, the studio offer a variety of classes. I would just make sure it was something “cool” that they would enjoy :)

wordpress collage 1

Lastly, I am so very excited with all the new changes I have been making and I am just about ready to reveal them all to you. I’m just waiting on a few more things to arrive and then I can reveal what it’s all about, so be sure to stay tuned!!


I’m back baby!

So, yes I have a very big apology to make for being M.I.A. for the longest time. I have no excuses and so I guess I will leave it at that and make a promise to try to do better. I have been taking a course about better time management so hopefully this will help me to make this blog more of a priority. Although it will still be about my gratitude towards everything going on in my life, it will shift focus to more of my business stuff. I want this to be a place where I can brag about all my awesome clients, because I have so many awesome clients and they deserve to be bragged about! So without further ado, here are some of my amazing clients from the end of 2013:

This first image is my brother and sister in law along with my little nephew; he is the most precious little guy and makes my heart sing whenever I visit with him. He really is adorable.

collage 2em

My second family is a repeat client who I absolutely love having over. They are so much fun, willing to do whatever is asked of them and their love for their little guy is just so obvious. He of course is absolutely adorable!


I’ve had such a busy season and have had so many new clients and the next family came to me without referral and found me online. I was so happy to have been chosen to capture their first family moments with their new little one. He was so precious and his big brother couldn’t be prouder to show him off!


I had this lovely family with their gorgeous little girls come for a visit. They were so energetic and happy and I really had a lot of fun with them. The big sister is so protective and loving towards her little sister and it as really great to finally have some little ladies in the studio after all boys!!



Just before Christmas I had this awesome family in as well! Twins, and yes you may have seen them before. I was privileged enough to take their photos when they were still just babies and now they are growing so very fast. Did I mention how much I love my repeat clients. They are such awesome people!

collage-2 collage-1



I really hope to do better this time around in upkeeping my blog. I am re-focusing my business as well and it is a daunting task, but it is needed, and I look forward to what the future will bring. I’m so excited to share with all of you in the next little while how things go. I still have so many more images to share, but for now I’ll leave with these, as they were the last of my 2013 sessions. I will begin with a fresh new start of this year in the next post detailing how and why I am refocusing my business.

Thanks for listening.


What I believe


I know, I know a whole month between posts! No excuses other than I’ve been enjoying working a little more lately, which is always a good thing. Today I came across a really interesting article which you can find and read here and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it because it described something I feel very strongly about: prints or art instead of CD or USB.  In my business I get asked frequently why I don’t just give someone their images on CD or USB included with their session and I thought I need to clarify my answer to my clients or prospective clients. I don’t give images on a CD or USB with a session because I don’t believe that they should be hidden away in a desk or on a computer for no one to ever see or look at. I truly believe in displaying the lovely images I created especially for you whether it be in an album or on your walls. Why take the time to pay me and have photographs done if you are just going to hide  them away in your drawer, and for those who think you will print them somewhere else, well 9 times out of 10 you don’t or you only print for Grandma & Grandpa or your Aunt and Uncle and none for yourself.

While the above mentioned article speaks to Brides and Grooms I believe this translates across every genre of photography. I love what I do! I love creating special images of Art that you can proudly display in your home. I recently revamped my pricing and have geared all my packages to this. You still get the images on USB but you must order first. I don’t want your images hiding in a drawer and becoming obsolete. Remember the floppy disc? The VHS tape? 8mm? How many of you still utilize these technologies? How easy is it to view the media saved on them? CD’s and USB’s will eventually go the way of the aforementioned technological breakthroughs as well and what will you have left? As someone noted in the comment section of the article above by a bridal consultant: “I always told my brides that when the dress was box and stored, the flowers have died and the tux’s returned to the rental company, all that’s left are the memories and the pictures. Make sure they are quality.” This is so very important to me. I want you to have those images FOREVER! Whether it is a huge print or a small one, wall art or an album, the choices are abundant. I love displaying photos of even my clients in my studio space.

I recently was asked to photograph my best friends Grandmother’s 90th Birthday party. I loved being there and one thing I noticed was as soon as we entered the hall where the function was being held there were several tables set up with multiple collages spanning her life with her family and friends. These images are precious reminders of a full life lived and will stay with her family long after she has moved on from here. She is a feisty lady and I love her. She sat for me for 2 hours taking photos with various family members etc. and loved every minute of it. I am so proud of how they turned out and I am even more proud of the fact that her family understands the importance of having these images in their possession. What a lovely gift for them and for her. So please, the next time you sit for a session with a photographer don’t just opt for a disc of those precious memories, make them tangible reminders of a life lived to its fullest!

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Till next time!


A little Spring in my step

Hello all,

Well it’s been longer than anticipated. I didn’t realize that so much time had passed since my last post, but it seems as though time has gotten away from me yet again. Busy as usual around here. Those pesky renovations are almost done. My father-in-law was here to help hubby as he is not able to bend, kneel, stand on a ladder etc.. Thankfully he was willing to come and give him a hand to get things done quickly and it’s been a big help as we are now nearing the end. Hubby still has not heard back from his interview. He did call and was told that a decision had not yet been made and they would receive notice either way so keep praying or wishing or hoping for him, we appreciate all the positive thoughts!

May is nearly upon us and with that comes Mother’s Day. I am blessed to have many wonderful women in my life who deserve to be celebrated. My mom is awesome and I have a wonderful Mother-in-law (yes you read that right!).  They are both strong women, good role models who allow me to live my life as I see fit, supporting me in every endeavour, offering advice when asked but leaving it to me to decide. What more could a girl ask for. I have a new Step-mom who is a great lady and who treats us as if we were her own. She is also helpful, supportive and shows she cares in many ways. I also have two amazing, really amazing Grandmothers, ladies I try to emulate and live up to. They both had many children, lived tough lives and are still going strong and there are my hubby’s two grandmother’s also who have taught me how to cook his favourite meals, tended to my children lovingly and are always there for us when we need them. I wanted to celebrate the special relationship between mothers and daughters and so I recently held a fun day for my friends and their girls and photographed their special bond. I love the images. They are all beautiful inside and out. Celebrate the women in your life this May! It will come back to you tenfold.

Along with the photos below here are some things I am grateful for as of late:

  1. Hubby is still in the running for his coveted position (cross your fingers and send positive thoughts please!)
  2. Kiddos are on the mend once again but thankfully nothing serious
  3. Wonderful family and friends who have been so supportive and helpful to us lately, we don’t know what we would do without you
  4. Star Wars (odd I know but it keeps the boys quiet and entranced so I can write in peace :) )
  5. That we are still making a go of it and the house is almost ready to list
  6. One of my best friends in the whole world has bought a home close by (we met as neighbours and I was heartbroken when we had to move), I will be so happy to have her closer than ever once again!
  7. The weather finally seems to be favouring spring (as much as I love the snow, it’s time for those April showers to produce some May flowers)
  8. Warmer weather has brought about more inquiries, which I hope in turn will allow me to do more of what I love; producing long-lasting visual memories for my clients
  9. Warmer weather has also put a spring in my step and a burst of energy which reminds me of the following quote:

It was an ideal spring day, a light blue sky, flecked with little fleecy white clouds drifting across from west to east.  The sun was shining very brightly, and yet there was an exhilarating nip in the air, which set an edge to a man’s energy.  ~Arthur Conan Doyle

I hope you are enjoying the warm kiss of the sun wherever you may be!


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