On to Bigger and Better Things

It’s been a while, I know. A long, long while…

I haven’t had inspiration to write in such a long time.  I worked  a lot and took care of my family, but the thought of writing something just didn’t hold any appeal. I continued to post little tidbits on Facebook, but even keeping up with that and other social media sites over the last year became intolerable. Too much time on the computer and not enough time behind my camera. So I tried to turn the tables a little and just didn’t post as much and stopped writing here too.

It was a welcome break and a needed one. I got back into working more on my images, and with many wonderful clients. It helped me creatively and emotionally. Still, life was always just too busy and stressful.  Hubby and I  were hardly spending any quality family time with the kids. We felt drained all the time and constantly bickered with each other. We knew something needed to change. We had always dreamt of living on the East Coast. We loved our summers here and wanted to make it a permanent change; it was a dream we never thought we would be able to make a reality. We always thought it would be something that would have to wait until we retired. We decided we couldn’t wait any longer and threw caution to the wind. We moved away from all the hubbub of the city and the stress of living in such a fast paced environment and moved to a small town in Cape Breton, where our hearts have always longed to be. We purchased a beautiful property, quiet and peaceful, closer to my family and we love the slow easy pace of life here. I’m feeling rested and rejuvenated and ready to write online again. I’ve even had time to do a session with all the moving and settling in.

I feel very blessed that I have had the pleasure of working with so many wonderful families in Ontario and now look forward to meeting new clients here in Nova Scotia. There are so many beautiful places here to explore and I hope to be working on my personal work a lot more here too. Still babies and small kids when asked (they are always my first love in portrait sessions) but more of my art work that I love to do. Here a just a snippet of some of the sessions I worked on over the past year. To see more click on the images and you will be re-directed to my website. The last two images were a personal project I started working on my compositing skills. They are a beginners effort but I hope to improve more. Thank you for taking the time to read and view. I appreciate it :)


blog collage 2

blog collage 1


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My long awaited announcement (thanks for waiting)

I am a Mudslinger! What is a Mudslinger you ask? Great question. In my desire to be more true to myself and my passions I have been on a bit of a health and wellness quest. The closer I get to 40 the more I want to become the best person I can be. How does this relate to the above statement? Well for starters I tried Henna for my hair recently (hence the mudslinger comment) and it is fantastic! Not just for the absolute awesome colour I get, but because it feels cathartic. I get to slop the mud like mixture all over my hair and leave it sit for 6-7 hours which means I can do nothing else but focus on me and what I need to get done. I am way too vain to leave my house with mud covered in saran-wrap and a beanie cap so I dedicate all those hours to staying in (hiding really :) ) and getting stuff done that I need to finish and of course having a little “me” time. I’ve also taken up exercise and healthy eating blah blah blah. You get the point.

So how does all of this relate to my awesome job you ask? Well on my quest to be true to my passion I have found that I have an absolute love for photographing newborns and kids. Remember recently when I said that I was going to be announcing a shift in direction for my business….well this is it! While I will always be willing to take on other types of sessions (families, bands, portrait etc), my main focus will be on your little ones. I really love to work with new moms/dads and their newest family members (and big brother/sister too of course). I feel it is my purpose to photograph your little ones. I feel such a strong calling towards this and I really believe it is what I was meant to do. I even had one mom and grandma recently call me the “Baby Whisperer.” This was such a wonderful compliment to receive since I absolutely love photographing newborns and I strive to provide the best possible environment for my little ones. I always get the most awesome feedback on my child and newborn images too which tells me that’s what you all love to see as well.

I want to create wonderful products for my clients. These little one are only tiny for so long and to be able to capture those precious first moments and create lasting memories is why I do what I do. I want to be your go to gal for Creative Newborn and Children’s Portraits, because that is what I am I good at and it is what I want to create for my clients. Art that can be proudly displayed on their walls at home and to share with friends and family. Art that will be passed down through generations, from child to grandchild to great-grandchild, there is always someone who wants to curate the family history.

I have and cherish images of my family members and I have many photos of my family that I have saved over the years. My grandmother proudly displays baby photos for all five of her children even though some of the images are over 60 years old (sorry dad) and each of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My best friend has a whole wall dedicated to family members from days gone by even some of whom have long since left this world and for whom she never had the chance to meet, yet she has them there, on the wall as soon as you walk in for all to see.

It used to be that when you walked into someone’s home their family history greeted you from behind framed glass, displayed carefully, and you would take a moment to stop and admire the faces looking back at you. It was a conversation starter; people love to talk about their families and it would bring about an air of nostalgia. This is another art form that is slowly dying thanks to the digital age, the printed photograph. Now-a-days most people have their images on a flash drive, computer or disc hidden away in a drawer somewhere, forgotten. What most people don’t realize is that these storage devices are not archival. They are corruptible, they fail, they become obsolete, but the image on the wall of your precious little baby lasts forever. The image in the photo album of you holding them in your arms for the first time undeniably takes your breath away. These are the moments that must be archived and displayed. Family is so precious and the moments with our little ones so fleeting. I can’t imagine not having images of my boys as they grow over the years. This is why I love my profession and why I want to capture those very first moments of a little persons life. This is my purpose. I will be offering collections that reflect this. I am understanding that most want their digital images and I want to provide that, but I also want my clients to walk away with a beautiful piece of Art that can be displayed in their home. These are some of the items I offer as part of a collection along with the digital images.

Canvas is first up. These images are custom designed just for you and then hand crafted and mounted by someone very lovingly on Fine Art Canvas that is then wrapped around a 2″ wood frame for easy hanging. You can also choose to have your canvas artwork framed in a dark or light wood frame. Starting at 16×20 they are a beautiful way to display your images either in a collage format, single image or in groups of three images (known as a triptych). These are on display in my studio and the quality and craftsmanship show through for each one. I work with one company to ensure that you are receiving a beautiful piece of art and this is all they do! No other print formats, just canvas all day all the time, so I know I am offering you the best quality.wordpress 1


Next is the Heirloom Album Collection in 8×8 or 12×12 sizes. These Albums are Custom Designed by me and Hand Crafted with thick archival papers in either a matte or pearl finish with Premium Fabric covers (silk, linen or leather options available). You can also choose to have an image on the cover. Boxes are available to store your album that are also custom designed to match with several fabric options available. Name plating is available as well to personalize your album. These are a beautiful keepsake for your family.  Albums are a great way to display your images and allow for easy storage. These albums lay flat when opened which allows for full-page spreads. Albums are not just for wedding clients anymore. More and more families are choosing this option to archive their images. It is the perfect medium for a family or newborn session.

It took a really long time for me to choose the album companies I work with but I am so very happy to have a lower priced and a premium priced option for all of you. I know many of you wonder why albums can be expensive. It’s because they are entirely handcrafted. They are not mass-produced in a factory somewhere. They take a long time to put together. A lot of skill and patience go into each and every one. These albums are truly made with love from start to finish!

wordpress album


Next I offer Wall Standouts and Collage Art. These are available as a mounted image or an Acrylic face or Metal Mount display. They come ready to hang and allow for variations in displaying your images. These are super easy to put up and a great creative way to display your images from your session. (images shown are not mine :) they are strictly for the purpose of showing you what the possibilities are)

wordpress standouts

Digital Images are provided on a USB Flash drive and it is always recommended that you back up your images to another device. You get to choose your art and how many digital images you need. You create your package based on your budget. I will also be offering payment plans because I know sometimes we just need a little extra time to save up for something we know is worth it. Family memories are always worth it. As always I never charge a session fee, but I do require a deposit to hold your spot. This deposit is credited towards your purchase because I truly want you to get the most value for your money when you work with me. I am also creating an exclusive collection of a painted art image. I paint the image digitally and then paint over that with acrylic medium. These will be a special commissioned piece that you can request and will be offered on their own or as a part of a collection purchase, it’s your choice. I of course will still have A la Carte items available as well.

I am so excited to share this with all of you. New directions always lead you to what your heart desires most.